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Monday, October 25, 2010

Yes, the project is still alive...

Been awhile... The EG production PCBs are in. I also received the Frequency Divider prototype PCBs, one for me, one for Nyle. I think I posted this, but I also have the prototype Peak Selector PCBs. At Nyle's request, I'm working on the layout for the VC Trigger Generator and the Sample & Hold. I have a two output version of the VCO done, too; Square and Sawtooth. I have a second combination, Sine and Triangle, in the works, too. Sort of an attempt at the VCO type "B" Nyle had. I think they may be good for modulation or LFO applications. They're based on the standard VCO design so they'll work for audio, too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rack and Roll

I got the first three modules racked and have ordered some "Gator" cases to put the racks in. I thought it would be fitting to make this synthesizer "portable"

As always, you can visit the website for details, schematics, build notes, order forms, etc.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Progress on my own system and general update

As I already posted, I received the production VCO and VCF PCBs. If you were waiting til they were in stock, they're here so order away!

I also finished my own first official VCO and Triple EG. I haven't taken time yet to actually rack them and hook them into my audio system, but will try to make time this week so I can record some audio. The VCO calibrated right up with no problems and I am getting decent tracking.

This EG isn't as packed with voltage control as some newer EGs, but the Damp and Quathin are fun and I really like being able to turn the attack knob essentially into a trigger/gate delay time knob. Combining the output of EG3 with EG1 or EG2 is also very unique and you can put together some very complex envelopes this way. I also ordered a batch of Production EG PCBs.

I'm working on my filter right now and should have it done tomorrow evening. Next up a VCA I think, then my sequencer. That will be the first 5 done and verified.

I received the prototype PCBs for the Peak Selector and will try to get one stuffed soon. Nyle will also get a PCB to play with and test. And, I ordered the prototype for the Frequency Divider. Useful module all around.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

VCO/VCF PCBs are in

I received the VCO and VCF PCB order this week and so will be sending out PayPal invoices to those who pre-ordered. Next up will be the EG PCBs, sequencer, and VCA.

Thanks everyone.