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Monday, September 12, 2011

New Projects...

Hi Everyone!

I have 3 new projects to announce. First, I have prototype PCBs for the Duo-Phonic keyboard. I've got an idea how to modify a Fatar keybed to use reed switches and magnets as a buss keyboard. I'll post my results.

Second, I'm working on the Microcon. It will be a module suitable for Eurorack or standalone. In standalone, you will need to add a +/- 12 volt supply. I've got the schematic mostly captured. I'm thinking I can get PCBs in about 2 months.

Third, Tom Carpenter at Analogue Solutions is selling Red Square PCBs and panels. Pretty bare bones, but I'm putting a page together to help out those who are building it. There are some unique semiconductors and the BOM lacks some part numbers, eg: pots with switch. Anyway, I also bought an assembled Red Square and will take some photos of the inside so the PCB interconnection and other details will be more clear.