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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Selling more stuff

I'm selling some more redundant modules. Since I've got the Synthasystem, I don't use some of the other stuff I own, so off it goes:

All Blacet this time:
Binary Zone
Hex Zone
I/O Module
Mini Wave with Socket Rocket EPROM
Window Comparator

They have no reserve and a Buy It Now price which is less than the kit price. Have fun.

Microcon and Duophonic keyboard update

Some small progress on the Microcon front. I ordered some prototype PCBs this week. I'm sure the layout will change some as I want to make it easier to add a couple of more panel pot options. Nothing drastic, but it will change it. But, this one will be a good test to confirm the design is working.

I'm also sending the Duophonic electronics to Nyle to test. I just will not be able to make time to do it anytime soon and I want to confirm it works so I can get a production run of PCBs ordered.