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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Just one more synthesizer, I promise! :)

 Just when I'm sure I have the synthesizer collection I want and need, someone releases something that "I've been wanting all my life!" For several years, there have been rumors Korg would re-issue the ARP 2600, but I never heard or saw anything solid until last January. Remember the leak? I immediately emailed my contact at Sweetwater and got on the waiting list.

A little back story. In 2018, I bought a vintage ARP 2600 because it seemed no one was going to do a real re-issue. The TTSH was around and I built one. There were clones of the filter and VCO. But never a 1:1 clone of the original. So, I watched ebay and an amazing 2600 came up. I won the auction and never looked back. I also bought a vintage 3620 keyboard ( and a spare one) and restored it. New sliders, new case, cleaned the contacts, new bushings, and adjusted the keybed.

The 2600 was and still is in excellent condition. The tolex, panel, electronics, everything was and is in great shape. That said, there had been some sketchy work done that needed to be addressed. First, the power supply had come loose during shipment. Fortunately, the wires connecting it prevented it doing any damage inside. Second, there was one clearly wrong jack installed and several others with very poor soldering suggesting they were either replaced or the wires had broken. There were some wires to the power supply which were also very poorly soldered.

RANT... Just use the right parts and take the time to do the repair right if you're going to do it at all. RANT over...

I replaced the incorrect jack and the ones with bad soldering with the correct Switchcraft 41A type, re-soldered the power supply, replaced the polarized capacitors on the power supply, adjusted the output voltages, and tested all the sliders and normalled connections. Some sliders were a little "rough" sliding, and a couple were a little noisy. Given the overall excellent condition though, I opted to use just a little DeOxit rather than risk causing more harm by disassembly and cleaning or replacing the sliders. The DeOxit fixed it at least for now. There were also several jacks in the voltage processing section which I replaced. All of the closed frame Switchcraft jacks seem to work fine, but I have a stash of those which I used in my Synthasystem re-issue so if one fails, I'm good to go. The open and closed frame jacks and tini-jax plugs are still being made so it isn't difficult to get more.

Back to my new synthesizer. If I already had an excellent example of an ARP 2600, why by a "new" one? I don't have a good answer. I suppose in part it's because I love vintage gear but I love the reliability and support that new gear offers. Right now, my studio is mostly "new" old gear. My Synthasystem, my Model D re-issue, my Model 15 re-issue with the additional Synth-Werk modules, my Odyssey re-issue, and now my 2600 re-issue. I have yet to put the old and new side by side, but just on its own, this new Korg ARP 2600 is amazing. I'll put up some photos and hopefully some video soon. I don't think one can really fairly compare the re-issue with the original be it the Model D, Model 15, Odyssey, or now the 2600. Assuming the actual circuits are the same, using the same or substantially similar components, they should be very similar. All these systems evolved during their production, though. The Model D VCOs were improved, the 2600 VCF and VCOs were changed. Tolerances in components make a difference even between two systems built right next to each other. The experience of music is very subjective and can be colored by many different psychological and physical circumstances. For me, the bottom line is this new Korg ARP 2600 FS sounds wonderful.

Monday, August 10, 2020

More Updates!

 In response to some other interest in Steiner synthesizer gear, specifically the Microcon, I've added some clarification to the Microcon page regarding the DAMP switch and wiring. Please visit for the details. Nothing too dramatic but I think there has been some confusion on this switch. Nyle found an error on the schematic regarding the wiring of the DAMP switch which was built into the Rev 1.2 PCBs. The fix is just swapping a couple of the wires on one side of the switch. The Rev 1.3 PCBs corrected this error and can be built as shown in the 1.3 schematic. I hope this helps.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


I updated the Moog 914 FFB project pages. I corrected some issues on both the GIC and inductor versions, nothing major. It's a simple removal and/or replacement of a few components. I also re-designed the layout of the inductor PCBs to accommodate inductors from CineMag. These are excellent inductors and are the same ones supplied to Moog for their re-issued 914 and 907 FFBs as part of their modular system resurrection. Please go to the website,, and click through to the 914 project. Contact me if you have questions.

I also added some new photos to my studio page, enjoy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I thought I should add some kind of update to confirm that I am still here and going strong. I really need to get some videos together because I think I have some very interesting gear that should be seen and heard and compared. A good example is delay modules. I ma fascinated by these effects. I have a Blacet Time Module, Doepfer analog delay, two Moog Mooger Fooger delays, a TipTop Audio Z-DSP, and a T-Rex Replicator tape delay and I just ordered an Oakley ADR30 analog delay kit using the venerable MN3005 BBD chip.

I have also added some gear of late including a T-Rex Replicator tape delay, DFAM, Erica Synths Graphic VCO, and other gear. I also finished my restoration of a Moog 1150 Ribbon controller and am negotiating the purchase of a restored Moog 1125 Sample & Hold.

I'm most excited about an order for some modules by Synth-Werk! Gerhard has put together some amazing Moog clone modules following the original schematics, adapted to a "Dot Com" power connector for ease and compatibility, but still able to be used in vintage and the newly reissued Moog modulars! Really brilliant. He will even add S-Trigger connectors to those modules that use triggers for complete compatibility with vintage gear. I ordered a 921ABBB module set to augment the 921A and two 921Bs in my Moog Model 15. I also added a VCA, EG, HP Filter, Dual Trigger Delay, and Envelope  Follower, with S-Trigger connectors where appropriate. I also bought an "extra" 921B which I want to put in the Model 15 so I have three 921Bs instead of just two. I'll probably put the Moog Attenuators module in the expansion cabinet to make room for the third 921B. I have a second Dot Com Q960 sequencer with Sequential Switch, Sequencer Interface, and Quantizer that I will install with the Synth-Werk modules in two expansion cabinets, again from Dot Com; an "8 Space" and a "16 Space" cabinet that will sit nicely beside the Model 15. I can't wait to get it together and fire it up.

There are also other projects and gear going on in my shop/studio that I just find fascinating and would like to highlight and share on my YouTube Channel. I have a nice collection of HP calculators with and without modifications. I have acquired some very useful test gear, I love oscilloscopes, and other things. Bottom line, I'd like to share some of this, so I hope some decent videos will be forthcoming... stay tuned.

Monday, August 3, 2015

PCBs are here

I received my large order of PCBs today. As soon as I can unpack and make sure they're right, I'll update the website, with the new inventory.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nyle came by today, which is always a treat. The occasion was there is a documentary being made about him and his life. Part of that life crossed mine and so I got to be a small part, too. When the documentary is finished, I'll post a link if it's allowed. It was a lot of fun. Nyle played his EVI hooked into my Synthasystem. Then, Nyle (and I) played around with it having fun (mostly Nyle tweaking the knobs). The photo on top is just a sort of long shot while the crew was setting up lights. The one at the bottom is Nyle himself in front of my Synthasystem.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Web Site and Web Log

My new site is running on about 1 of 8 cylinders, but it is useable. The old web site is officially closed down and the new one Analogue Realities is taking over the duties. It's also a Web Log, so I will be making most updates there, but posting links here so those who follow this blog will get the news.

Thanks and Happy New Year!