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Friday, April 29, 2011

Moving on...

My Synthasystem is now in the hands of Nyle. He wanted to see it and play with it, so who am I to refuse :) He wanted to play around with the VCOs, and other modules to see if everything is working right and to make some notes. I'll add whatever he gives me that's relevant to the web site. I told him he could keep it for a couple of weeks or a month. I'm hoping he'll record some music I can share. I also asked him to autograph a couple of the modules.

I still want to add a couple of modules to the system and finish the keyboard, but otherwise I think this project is done.

Si, I'm moving on to my other projects. I'm currently working on a panel mount for the Gabatronics XMegalab dual channel scope. I have this fascination with oscilloscopes and I really like what Gabriel has done. I think he's working on a scope that is easier to put in a panel, which I think is a great idea.

I'll post a few photos when it's done.

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