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Monday, June 27, 2011

New rack enclosures

I just got my new wooden racks. I think there is something very cool when a modular is installed in a wooden cabinet. David Tatlebaum at made some beautiful mahogany (a reasonable up-charge for the hardwood instead of pine) cases. 16U high, standard 19 inch rack width. They look great with my .COM keyboard controller.

I added a Kenton Pro-2000 MKII Midi to CV converter to allow general midi control of the modular. I also have a rack which has some non-Steiner modules (the Tuner/Monitor module is in this rack, too) which I thought would be useful; a Gabotronics X-Mega Lab which I put in a euro rack format and a YUSynth Moog Fixed Filter Bank clone (Yves did a great job with this filter). I have a 14 HP space left, but I'm not sure what I'm going to put in there. I'd like whatever goes in to have a custom front panel to match all the other ones. I'm thinking maybe a MOTM Moog filter clone, or maybe some other Moog module I can build.

Here are some photos of the system all racked and working great.

Module count:
Top left: Tuner/Monitor, X-Mega Lab O-Scope, empty, Moog FFB clone.

Row 2: Frequency Divider, Sequencer

Row 3: VCA/Mixer, Voltage Processor/Mixer, Triple EG, VC Trigger Generator, VCA/Mixer

Row 4: VCA/Mixer, Triple EG, VC Tigger Generator, Dual Voltage Follower (Slew), Power Access.

Row 5'ish: Multiple and Kenton Pro-2000 MkII

Top Right: VCA/Mixer, Variable Damped EG (This is an unreleased Steiner design I found. It's more of an ADSR type EG.), Sequencer

Row 2: Three VCOs, type "A" which have all the wave forms available.

Row 3: Phase Shifter, 3 VC Filters, Dual Voltage Follower (Slew), 2 VCOs type "B", one with square and sawtooth and one with sine and triangle.

Row 4: Trigger Converter, Ring Modulator, Noise Generator, Dual Sample & Hold, Peak Selector, Multiple, Selective Inverter, Input Amplifier, Dual Voltage Follower (Slew)

I have space for another full rack in the right side. I'm not sure I need to add anything. Someday, I might add some VCOs, or this other filter/chorus module Nyle has but never really released. I don't know...

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