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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun Times...

The fun never stops.

I ordered a breadboard with an adjustable +/- 0 to 15 VDC supply and a fixed 5 VDC supply. This means I can breadboard some of the more simple blocks to make sure the old parts work and I am reading the schematics right, (a bit faded over the years). Even the copies Nyle gave me at the time were hard to read. He also used some unique notation regarding panel connections and connections between blocks of the circuits. So, I want to breadboard some of the circuits to make sure I have them right before I spend the time to layout and pony up the money for PCBs.

I can also ensure that the "extra" circuitry works. For example, I'm adding circuits to convert to/from the S-triggers Nyle used.

I think I'll have the trigger generator breadboarded this weekend which will let me test the conversion and the UJTs.

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