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Friday, April 9, 2010

First Breadboard

I got my new breadboard/power supply today. First order of business was to hook up the UJT oscillator and see if I could make it work. Turns out the NTE6409 UJTs work great (but expensive, about $10.00 a piece). But, the 2N4891s I found don't work at all. I tried every combination of pinout, but no luck. I guess they are either bad or counterfeit. I'm going to try a 2N2646, too. It's 1/10th the price of the 6409.

Next, I need to figure out a way to voltage control the frequency. I'm thinking Nyle probably didn't use the UJT oscillator in his VC trigger generator. I suspect he did it this way in the Synthacon because it was simple cheap, and did the job.

I'm going to look at other VC pulse generators with VC PW and frequency.

I'm also going to hook up the VCO saw core to see if it works with the NTE JFET and if the 2N5163s I had and the NOS I found are any good. I don't think the JFET I use will have any real effect on the sound, but if I can, I want to use the 5163s.

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