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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Panels are in. VCO/Panel stuffed ready to connect

The first panel order arrived, so I stuffed a VCO panel to see if it all fit right.I'm waiting on some MTA connectors to do the flying wires.

This PCB was stuffed like I expect most to do it, that is with a THAT340 for the exponential converter and PNP trio, and monolithic matched pairs for the other pairs. I'm choosing to panel mount the V/Oct trimmer (see the above photos for a close-up of the trimmer adapter) and the VC3 Var Scale. I'm using a pot for the VC3 Var adjust and a panel mount trimmer for the V/Oct.

I'm still taking pre-orders for all the PCBs and should have stock for the VCO and VCF before the end of the month.

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