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Sunday, December 12, 2010

More PCBs

OK, I've now got a stack of prototypes to build: Noise, Sample and Hold, Selective Inverter, Phase Shifter, and Voltage Processor/Mixer. Busy, busy, busy for the next little while. I also got a small order of Frequency Divider PCBs and VCO-B Triangle and Sine wave output.

I also ordered some panels, a couple of re-do's like on the VC Trigger Generator I added an LED, I added a jack for the Phase Reset for the VCO type Bs. I also re-did the whole Trigger Converter PCB, and some other minor changes. Check the website for the new files.

Still struggling about demo videos/audio. I'm also seriously considering selling pre-built modules. Probably start with the filter, maybe VCO, VCA, EG, don't know about the rest. Time will tell. Right now, I just want to get the rest of the modules tested and available.

There are some other minor updates to the web site, too. Keep in touch.

Stay tuned.

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