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Sunday, May 9, 2010


The latest development was a switch in SPICE simulation software. I bought a copy of Multisim to replace the B2 SPICE I had been using. What is comforting, but also aggravating is the EG circuit works exactly the same in  both versions of SPICE. I got a reply on the B2 SPICE forum which was quite helpful, but there must be something unique about the design. Both the Synthasystem and Synthacon EG's are similar enough to tell me I don't think there is a schematic error unless it was made twice. I just really wish I could get the SPICE model working. I'd really like to start layout of PCB's and panels.

This is actually a module I'd like to build for use in my other modular as well as in the "tribute" modular which will stand alone.

In the interim, I got the PCB's in for the Quad VCA I put together. It is derived from work that Marc Barielle and David Dixon did, with some of my own tweaking to make them what I was wanting. I did the layout in Eagle. I also got the parts in, and some panels ordered. I might take a break from the Steiner system and get these built. I also have to calibrate my recently finished JH Varislope VCF.

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