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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

VCO PCB ready to order

The envelope generator boards are still in production, but they are etched, and screened.

The big news is I have the prototype VCO board ready to go. It can be stuffed as a Steiner Type A, B, or C, but I will just build the Type A which has sin, triangle, saw, and pulse waveforms. Here is the Eagle layout with traces not shown for clarity.

While I think it is cleaner to have PCB mounted pots and/or jacks. I think that for the Steiner modules I'll use flying wires. This allows the most flexibility for panel format and design.

Next, I think I'll tackle either the Type 3 envelope generator or a VCA. I'm also refining the Type 1/2 envelope generator layout. I've hit on a system for placing the parts which seemed to work really well on the VCO card. I'll try it on the envelope generator and will make the board a bit more compact and efficient.

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