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Saturday, May 29, 2010

General Progress

The prototype EG boards have shipped and the prototype VCO boards are in production! I have further refined the layout for the EG and VCO, and have a prototype layout ready to go for the VCA/mixer and VCF. As soon as I get the EG boards in, I'll send these ones in.

I've started the sequencer layout, and it is going to be a mess. Fortunately, there is a lot of redundancy, so a lot of the discrete diodes, leds, resistors, and pots should be easy. My dilemma is whether or not to try to put the pots on PCBs. It is so much easier to wire them this way, but it also limits the panel design. I think I will just space the pads to allow for the 1 mil headers and will use flying wires.

Even though I may never be able to share my work on this project, I'm nevertheless trying to make it user friendly. I'm adding construction note to the silkscreen, I'm laying it out so that monolithic matched transistor pairs can be used or discrete parts, etc. Especially for the VCO. I laid it out so I can use a THAT340 with NPNs and PNPs on the same chip, SSM2210s or LS319s and a discrete PNP that should be close enough to touch the NPNs and thermistors, or all discrete, hand matched parts. I also labeled the emitter, base, collector, source, drain, and gate on all the transistors so one can easily use different small signal transistors. I'm also doing it to minimize errors stuffing the boards when I build them...

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