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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Frequency Divider and Peak Selector

What's new you ask?

I've been working on the layout for the VC Trigger Generator (ready for prototype) and the Sample & Hold. I've had some good help from the SDIY list again regarding "guard rings" as well as some one on one instruction from Nyle on the topic. The Sample & Hold is almost ready for prototype. I had it done and realized I needed to add the circuitry to accommodate Voltage Triggers. I added the components but now have to clean up the auto-route.

Next, the Peak Selector is done and seems to be working, although it still baffles me a bit. I need to get it hooked into an actual patch to see what it does.

Last, I have my Frequency Divider PCB stuffed and behind a panel. I now need to hook up the panel controls and see if it works. I am hopeful...

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