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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Works!

I tried to get some audio and video, but I was way over driving the audio input on my camcorder, so here's a still. Top: VCO, VCF, Triple EG, VCA. Bottom: Peak Selector, Sequencer. Not shown: Frequency Divider (Nyle still has it). At the very bottom is a Frac Rack with some utility modules I put together;  Blacet Bar Graph, 2 mini O'sopes, A440 tuner, and a Yusynth Voltage Standards module (thanks Yves,

The good news is it all works! The Sequencer, Frequency Divider (THANK YOU Nyle), VCO, VCA, VCF, EG; it's a real system that now needs expanding!

And, expanding it is... I have prototypes for the Selective Inverter, Voltage Processor/Mixer, Phase Shifter, and Noise Source on order and have received prototypes for the Sample and Hold and VC Trigger.

The sequencer is amazing. Unlike any other analog sequencer I've seen or used.

I will have some video and/or audio this weekend. I'll figure out someway to get an audio and mic feed into the camera. If I have to use the built in mic, I will but I'd like higher quality audio. I want to do some tutorials to show how the different modules work and the effect of different connections.

Update on the Frequency Divider. I think I wrote that the divide by 11 was dividing by 7. There were two problems. First, I had installed a 2.2k where a 22k should go and there was a 3.9k resistor missing in both my schematic and Nyle's original schematic which should be in series with the reset diodes to the Flip Flops. It's kind of funny. Nyle said he probably would not have found the missing 3.9k if not for my stuffing mistake. He explained that sometimes the final schematics were drawn after the PCB layouts were done and the modules were in production. They often did the layout from the first "hand drawn" drawings (really, they were all hand drawn, but the final ones used drafting tools so were much easier to read). I am really spoiled being able to use a great layout tool like Eagle. Worth every penny.

Bottom line is Nyle did get it figured out. I added the 3.9k to the schematic and ordered a small production run.

So the next couple of months should see the culmination of the Synthasystem.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to find a resistor missing from my schematics years later. Same basic process too. Hand drawn diagram to PCB to final diagram.