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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More modules

Sorry, no photos or audio...

I received some PCBs:


  • VC Trigger
Small production run:
  • Power/Regulation
  • Sequencer
  • VCA/Mixer
On order:
  • Sample & Hold
  • Phase Shifter
  • Voltage Processor/Mixer
  • Noise
Small Production Run:
  • VCO-B with Square and Sawtooth
  • VCO-B with Sine and Triangle
  • Peak Selector
By "small production run", I mean less than 10, sometimes just a handful.

I'll try to catch up the website for the new modules. 

The modules left to go:
  • Ring Modulator
  • Selective Inverter
  • Tuner Monitor
  • Voltage Follower (Slew)
  • Some keyboard. Either the two voice or the MKB. I think Nyle would like me to do the MKB, but for my own goal, I'm still leaning towards the Two Voice. I have a Fatar keyboard and just need to figure out how to make it behave like a bus type rather than a multiplexed. The MKB actually could use the multiplexed keyboard easier, so I don't know...
In testing:
  • Frequency Divider
So, really the end is in sight for the capture of all the Synthasystem modules. I still need to punch out some panel designs and then actually finish building the things. I'm hopeful by early next year I'll have at least one of every module working and racked.

I will probably offer the Microcon as a PCB, too. I don't think I'll do the Synthacon as the Synthasystem is much more interesting to me. The Microcon is interesting as a standalone desktop or rackable synthesizer. However, it does use Vactrols which I have heard are banned in Europe now. Nyle has suggested he might have a workaround, so stay tuned.

New modules? Well, Nyle and I have discussed this and have a couple of ideas. I'd like to see a formal trigger delay and Nyle has some other interesting ideas. So, if interest is really there, maybe.

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