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Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Details

I've been spending the last while dealing with the details. I went through all the schematics several times making sure the notes were complete and that I had included all the information from the original schematics. I double checked all the PCB component drawings to make sure I could see all the component names and values. I went through the web site and updated all the files, completed the last modules pages (like the Selective Inverter), and fine tuned the calibration procedures for the VCOs and a couple of others.

The only thing really left is the Duophonic Keyboard.

Since I have now finished at least one of all of Nyle's original modules, I started to fill out the racks. I built two more VCO Type A's this weekend. Amazingly enough, they worked first time. I'm going to do a video on calibrating these things as soon as I get my latest toy, an Agilent 200X series oscilloscope. I'm getting the 4 channel, 70MHz version. It is way overkill, but I've been wanting a four channel scope and this one has a huge display.

Agilent 2004X Four Channel 70 MHz


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