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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More PCBs done!

I finished the first go around for the VCA, VCF, and Studio  Sequencer PCBs. I was most hesitant on the Sequencer as its schematic was the most problematic to read, in particular with regard to some of the off board signals. But, I had an epiphany and it seemed to fit together. I ordered them today and should have them in 2 or 3 weeks. Just in time for my total knee replacement...

The VCO boards have now shipped, so during the next month or so, I should actually be able to get a core set of modules together to make some Steiner-Parker sounds! When I do, I'll figure out how to post them here or on my web site.

The sequencer board is really much bigger and sparse than it has to be. I did it for the following reasons:

  • The sequencer has to be about 1/2 a euro rack wide just to accommodate the pots and switches (like 8 or 9 inches wide), so I didn't have to make it small.
  • There are so many flying wires and connections, I wanted some room to work, so I spread out all of the locations where the off boards connections were to be made.
  • I hate working and soldering in tight places.
JH, a, would have put it all on a "single 40cm x 30cm PCB" I'm sure, but I don't mind the extra cost for a little luxury when soldering :)

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