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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Logo and panel designs

Still working on parts lists and waiting on the delivery of prototype PCBs. I want to get some of the core modules tested working and ready to go before I do too much more capture and layout. Too many irons in the fire, etc. etc. etc...

I'll be sending in an order to Mouser this week with production parts for the VCO, VCF, VCA, and EGs, maybe the sequencer, too. I'm going to try a replacement Germanium diode and another UJT in the sequencer to make sure there are some readily available parts for those who are wanting to build this stuff.

I have a good first go at the EG panel and the Power Panel. The power panel will take up the full rear of the Euro rack and is designed to take the Power One HAA15-0.8 supply, a combination plug/fuse/switch assembly, and some power distribution boards which follow John Blacet's dimensions for his distribution boards. I laid out my own version which will supply 10 modules which I will also publish. The problem is I did it in Target 3000! and not in Eagle, so it won't be as universal. I allowed for two boards because there was room.

I still need to print out the EG panel and test fit parts, but based on other panels I've done, I'm pretty sure it will work out. I'm going to use alpha 16mm pots with round shafts which should give some good knob options. I decided to not use the "Blacet" style soft touch knobs and go with something more true to the original Steiner systems. I allowed 1.33 inches between knobs horizontally and 1 inch vertically so there should be room for big fingers like mine. I've found you can go to 0.75 inch centers with small knobs, so 1 inch should be luxurious.

I'm using the Schaffer/Front Panel Express software and will be having them do panels for me. I'll make the .FPD files available as they are proofed. Understanding this is a DIY project, I'd still like to work out the bugs before I start releasing the final product.

Last note today. I had a total knee replacement on Monday, June 21. An old injury finally got the best of the knee but I'm healing. I'm planning on a meeting with Nyle mid to end of July and should have the rest of what I need to get information out there.

As always, I appreciate comments and suggestions.

Stay tuned.

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