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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Parts coming in

I received the multiplier chips for the ring modulator, the 3140 opamps for the duophonic keyboard, power supplies (now to figure out how to re-calibrate them to -10VDC), and the Euro Rack frames. I've ordered a second go around for the VCO and VCA PCBs, and 10 envelope generator PCBs (the ENVDL type). I need to order some more resistors. I didn't have enough of some values to finish the first VCO and had to jury-rig some.

I'm expecting the Sequencer PCB soon and as soon as I've verified some of the switch operations, I'll order the first production run of 3 or 4 boards.

I've been working on some panel layouts, too. The VCO is well under way, as is the Tuner/Monitor (I am adding room for a mini-scope) and triple envelope generator.

Monday, I have total knee surgery scheduled, so I'm hoping after the first few days, I'll feel good enough to get more schematics captured and board layouts done.

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