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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Power supplies

I think I posted I have the rack frames and the Power-One power supplies. I am a little at a loss, however, regarding how to best mount the supplies, run the AC, and run the distribution board. The PS is deep enough that it will need to have its own several inches of horizontal rack space. I think I will mount it on as narrow a panel as I can with a power switch and LEDs and just live with it. I will be able to mount it on the front panel or rear. I just might have to put a blank panel on the front the same width as the PS I'll have to actually lay out the panel and build one to see I think.

I've also been working on parts lists. Eagle has a ULP which makes the work pretty easy, but they still take a bit of hand editing to group the parts exactly as I want them. I also added some notes. I think I will try to get an official order for parts off this week at least for the VCOs, VCAs, Sequencer, and ENVDLs. I'm hoping the next batch of boards will be the production boards for these modules. I'm trying to be patient regarding the filter. I still want to lay it out following Nyle's original artwork.

The last batch of boards still hasn't entered the production queue at PCB-POOL which is unusual.

The previous order including the Sequencer should be here any day and I should be able to get the important bits for the sequencer soldered up and tested. I'm mostly interested in the reset functions to make sure I read the schematic properly.

I've sent the schematics I finished off to Nyle and he said he was going to look them over to make sure I had the latest revisions which is great! When I visit with him later in July, I'm going to print off the electronic copies I have so I can make some notes as he and I talk.

Not a lot new, but still, making progress. It's going about as fast as I thought it would. 

If anyone is actually reading this, as I have working PCBs, I will post here and in a couple of the forums and SDIY list with information about getting the schematics, PCB layouts and/or PCBs themselves. I will also make some pages on my web site specifically for this project with build notes, photos, etc.


  1. I have read every page and every line of your blog with excitement. Looking forward for some sound samples and perhaps youtube videos.. and of course, looking forward to order PCBs and seeing the parts lists.

  2. Thanks Jesse. Keep looking here for updates.