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Friday, June 11, 2010

More progress

I received the VCO prototype boards today. They are the 1974 vintage. I really hope tomorrow I'll be able to make time to put a VCO and/or the EG together and try them out. I also received the shipment of new JFETS and I'll try one in the VCO to verify that it works. I also received confirmation the Sequencer, VCF, and VCA prototype boards have shipped. I don't know if I'll build the VCF as it is different than the one in the Synthasystem, but I'll at least get part of the sequencer built to test the clock and stepping functions, even if I don't get all the pots, etc. wired up

I received the Power One power supplies today so I'll need to figure out how to change them to +12/-10, which should be doable.

The best news is I spoke to Nyle on the phone and I'm going to try to meet with him next week. It was great to re-connect with him and catch up. He said he was excited to see the PCB layouts and maybe do something with them. As I get more details on that note, I'll post here at the least.


  1. great news on Nyle sharing his designs!

    do you think he'd share his designs on wind controllers, esp the transfer of that work to Akai?

    I have an ewv2000 that I'm trying to modify, but the firmware is hard to decipher. there's a built-in latency that makes the unit perfect for windcontrol, but not for keyboard triggering.


  2. Not sure. But I don't think so.