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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finally, ready to order next PCBs

I'v spent several hours re-working the PCBs for the current modules. I think they are ready to go. I've run the ERC and DRC checks, visually inspected the silk screens, added notes, and comments to the silkscreen where there was room and a need, and I breadboarded the output buffers and found a mistake in the schematic and got it all fixed. The only thing I haven't done is stuff the prototype VCA. It's pretty simple, but I'm too anxious to order.

I'm waiting on Nyle to finish his testing on the sequencer. He's really making sure it all works and is improving the design. It's great working with him. As I already posted, he's verified the VC clock control and has done preliminary testing on the "gate" circuit and it's looking very good. Nyle's been putting in a lot of time on this, too and his efforts are making this better than I dared hope for.

I'll keep moving on the project pages, too. I'd like to get some preliminary parts lists up so people will be able to start finding sources for parts, too.

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