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Monday, August 2, 2010

Power regulation project page

I have the power regulation PCB page up. Give it a look and let me know your thoughts to make it better.

Start here:


  1. Maybe you could add the usual diode between in and out of the regulators, a little bit of protection doesn't hurt and is cheap.

  2. Thanks elgauchoandres for the suggestion. Would you elaborate please? I'm not sure where you are suggesting I place them or the polarity. Are you suggesting additional protection diodes beyond D2 and D4 I already have? I have no problem adding some extra protection.


  3. Let's see, I'm very bad explaining things in plain english, so I think better recommend you see the page 9 of the datasheet (here:
    I know for experience that the LM317 is a gentleman a little bit "sensible"

    Good work, I'm a big admirer of the Mr. Steiner synths, who knows? maybe some modules will be built here in Barcelona. Best wishes to you and Mr. Steiner.