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Monday, August 23, 2010

working, working, working

I've been spending a lot of time on the project pages. I've had some good feedback, and I think they are close to done. I've also been re-considering the way I'm handling the trigger conversion. For the Sequencer and any other module with a lot of trigger ins/outs, the piggy back board is the way I will go. For the EGs, and others where there is only one or two trigger jacks, I'm going to put the conversion circuitry on the PCB with the option to bypass the conversion and use the S-Trigger directly. I've already modified the EG PCBs to do that and I think it makes the most sense. I could even add the option to have a front panel switch, or a PCB dip switch to select the mode. That may be overkill. I think people will either want to use the S-Triggers or not.

Besides that, I've started work on the Peak Selector and the Frequency Divider. Nyle suggested these ones next, so why not?

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