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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More work and module tuning

OK, more progress. Nyle has been tweaking the VCO and has made one connection change with the triangle wave DC Bias. He also explained to me the Sync Bias trim is what is used to take out the nasty spike in the saw and triangle wave. So to those who were worried about it, Nyle reports the spike is gone. Adjusting this also boosted the output levels for the saw and triangle waves. I made the preliminary changes to the PCB layout and will talk to Nyle tomorrow or Friday. He's working on evening out the output levels so they are all about the same, so a few resistor value changes most likely.

I am so glad Nyle is helping with this. I didn't want to start messing with the design, but with Nyle helping, these modules should work better, but sound just like the original.

I also found a local PCB fabricator who has extremely good prices. Nyle said he has used them for his EVI so I think I may give them a shot at the next round of PCBs. It will save about 40%. I just want to confirm the quality and usability before I commit to buying too many PCBs from them.

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