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Friday, July 2, 2010

Here is a VCO panel. Again, I've used a couple of gray discs to show the knob sizes. I've kept true to how Nyle did the original with symbols instead of words for the wave shapes and his VC VAR input and control. This is an input which can be set to an arbitrary scale whereas the VC INPUTS are fixed in the original, but I added a 1 volt/octave trimmer on the PCB. The tuning was accomplished on the keyboard in the original design, and I'll still leave those controls there, but I thought for usability the VCO inputs have to be tunable and set to 1 volt/octave.

The FINE FREQ knob will be a slightly smaller Alco knob without a skirt, like the original.

A little more on the depth issue. I think for the deeper boards, like the VCO, I should be able to mount them parallel to the panel front. I'm pretty sure I can also do this to other boards, too. All except the most narrow ones, like the phase shifter, VC Trigger, etc. But, I think I can keep these boards sufficiently shallow to work fine. I found the deepest Doepfer module is about 4 inches deep. I will do what I can to keep to this maximum depth to allow the most users to build these things.

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