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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nyle got the Sequencer working.

This was great. I'm traveling and when I got off the plane, I saw I had some voice mail. I call in and I got this weird synthesizer sequence playing for about 30 seconds. I thought this is a weird prank call, and then it hit me. It was probably Nyle and he got the sequencer working. I hit "call caller" and sure enough, Nyle got the sequencer going already. There was one more schematic error, very embarrassing. I had the run stop switch pole to the wiper of the frequency pot. This then directly connected the wiper to the emitter of the UJT when the switch was supposed to connect to the charging capacitor. That was messing with the oscillator as well as shorting the pot wiper to ground through the UJT when it switched. That torched the pot and UJT, go figure... The image on top is how I had it. The image on bottom is how it should be.

Anyway, Nyle figured that out and fixed it, connected it to a VCO and played me a tune. It was probably the most fun voice message I ever got. So, he is going to verify the other circuitry then off to the prototype PCB shop.

One suggestion Nyle made was to rearrange the pad order on the switches. He thought it made more sense to put the "wiper" or "pole" of the switch in the middle. I agree. It's a simple fix for the rearrangement, but it means having to re-do some layout that use switches, like the sequencer, and EGs. The pots already have the wiper to the center pad.

I think I'm finally happy with the VCO layout. I want to add a couple of helps to the silk screen, then I  think I'll send it in.

Anyway, the resurrection is moving along!

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