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Monday, July 12, 2010

Unexpected guest!

I got a call Sunday afternoon from Nyle. He was in Salt Lake for the Jazz Festival and wanted to stop by to see what I was doing and to show me a "box-o-stuff" he had from the days of Steiner Synthesizers. What a treat. We spent a couple of hours looking at the work so far, panels, schematics, etc. Listening to stories. I now know where the word "Quathin" comes from. Apparently,Stu Goldberg had a Rhodes electric piano. Nyle noticed that when you pushed the damp pedal, there was a sound, and it sounded like, "quathin". That sound was the source of the name for Nyles' Quathin function on the envelope generator.

Other notes, Nyle liked the look and quality of the Schaffer panels, which is a good thing.

The box also had some other information regarding his modules, in particular the sequencer. There were some additional schematics, older and newer, which cleared up a bunch of questions but raised some more. It appears for the last version, Nyle added a voltage control rate which was fed by row "C" of the sequencer. I do want to add this, so I'll have to ponder how he implemented it and ask him on Tuesday. He also pointed out I had the step switch wired wrong. Not a big deal and the way the board is laid out, I should still be able to test it all.

I was also able to clear up the update to the filter resonance circuit. Life is good. I'm moving along and hope I'll have the first module(s?) ready to go in a month or two.

All in all, it was a great visit and helped a lot. Right now, I'm re-scanning a lot of the paper at a higher resolution and tweaking the gamma, etc. to make sure I can see all the lines.

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