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Friday, July 2, 2010

On board regulation

Thanks to some good input from the SDIY list, I've decided to just go ahead and add on board regulators. That way, I will guarantee +12 and -10 volts regardless what the power supply is.

My dilemma now is how long or deep I can make the PCBs. In my euro rack system, I can go as deep as 6.5 inches on the cards and not interfere with the power supply. Does anyone have any suggestions about card/module depth? I'd hate to get these things done and find out the ones people want won't fit physically in the racks. The longest ones so far are the sequencer, 5.9 inches, and surprisingly the VCO at 5.6 inches. Even though it may waste some board space, I am going to make them all 3.9 inches tall. This fits in a Blacet Frac Rack, and a standard Euro Rack. this way, I should be able to standardize some of the mounting dimensions to make it easier for those doing their own panels.

I made it into the office yesterday and picked up a bunch of packages which had come while I was home rehabilitating. The Pratt Read keyboard came (although I think I will use a new Fatar keyboard after giving this one a good look). the sequencer, VCA, and VCO prototype PCBs are in, including a bunch of wasted ENVDL boards (I knew it was too soon to order 10 of those, oh well). They work, but they are the wrong form factor now and they don't have the on board regulation. I guess it's part of the development. I also put in a big order to Mouser for parts to populate the prototype PCBs. I also ordered some extra of some parts and I started to order some of the finished panel parts, like knobs, pots, switches, and jacks. It really added up fast.

Nyle sent me scans of the original artwork for the Frequency Divider panel which will help me get a better match with the panels I'm doing. For my stuff, I've always used Bulgarian for the module name and then a casual script like font for the pots, jacks, etc. Nyle likes a blockish, sans-serif font like he did originally, and I think he's right. I re-did the Triple Envelope Generator panel with pot tic marks, a Helvetica font slightly angled and used all caps for the letters, like Nyle did. I think it looks good. For the panels I order, I don't think I'll use the tic marks since they add a lot to the panel price (about $1.50 for each pot), or maybe simpler ones. I put 19 mm circles on the first column of knobs to represent the knob size to make sure you can see the tics and that there is room for fingers to actually turn the knob. I think these will work well.

I think that's all for today. My knee is much better, so much so, I might feel up to soldering some resistors on the sequencer PCB tomorrow. I'd love to get it going and give it a try. If it works, I'll wait to see what the consensus is on depth and if I have to, try to make it smaller, add the regulators, and maybe call the sequencer good to go. I can also do a more careful build on the VCO. I was so anxious on the last one. I saw today I actually left off some components which may be a big reason why it wasn't working after the core :)

I'll have my Mouser order next week, about Wednesday, and I'm sure I'll be feeling up to building some stuff then.

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