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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sequencer encore

Ok, I found an old ad. The sequencer is in the top left of the cabinet with the other modules. The sequencer on the Synthacon is a scaled down version of the Studio Sequencer. You can see the jacks are below the pots and the left side controls were re-arranged. There isn't enough resolution to see the exact arrangement of the left hand side stuff, but I'm ok with that. I think Nyle moved the 8/16 step switch over there, too. Looking at this and the schematic again, I also realized I had forgotten the output level pots. Adding those added another 7 HP to the width which didn't make me happy. I wanted to leave at least 28 HP so any other module could fit by the sequencer. Looking at this and the older version, I saw Nyle left off the tic marks on the step CV pots. By doing the same, I reclaimed the 7HP and brought the width back to 56 HP. I also re-arranged the left side controls to what I think they probably were. Here is the result.


  1. Interesting to see there is another version (older?) with a different arrangement of the panel (at least I never noted the jacks position).

    One question, you know the original panel sizes? just to know...
    Thanks for sharing all your work and the up to date news.

  2. I was reading from new to old posts, and I didn't notice your previous comment! ;

  3. Yeah, the original Steiner modules were all a natural aluminum finish with silk screened letters. Later, they went to black anodized still with silk screened letters. I don't think any of the other panels changed appreciably. Although the EG did change a bit.

    The panels were all 5.75 inches tall and multiples of 1.75 inches wide. There is a list in the old owner's manual. Here are a few widths:
    VCO "A" and EG 7"
    VCO "B", VCF, VCA, VC Trig, Keyboard interface 3.5"
    Sequencer 12.25"
    The rest, eg: VCO "C", Noise, RM, S&H, etc. 1.75"

    This is close enough to Euro/Frac panel size that they are easily laid out for Euro and Frac panels.